10s S.A.S. Technological Services

Innovation behind the Digital Transformation

Consulting and software development for your digital success. We transform businesses with powerful and adaptable digital solutions that meet the needs of today and unlock the opportunities of tomorrow.

We build solutions that allow us to leverage and enhance our clients' business by understanding the value and impact of software in their daily processes. Relying on the best industry practices and a highly trained human team.

Software consulting services

Custom software development

We represent the client's needs through customized software and, if necessary, integration with other systems

Development of Geographic Solutions

Experts in the integration of geographic and alphanumeric systems and we have the most advanced technology to make this information available to you quickly and efficiently, integrating it into a single system

Management GIS

Monitoring production servers.
Backup copies.
Disaster assistance.
Statistical and error reports.
Data and application deployment.
Service optimization.
Platform update.

Software Audit

Analyze, evaluate and verify the existing software in our client's company.

Software Products

We offer our customers standard solutions that meet their special needs.

Our clients are industry leaders.

Software development for your digital success

We develop reliable and scalable software solutions for any operating system, browser and device.

We combine deep industry experience and the latest IT advancements to deliver customized solutions and products that are perfectly tailored to the needs and behavior of your users.



Provide professional IT services for the administration of technological platforms and for the formulation and execution of projects, building solutions that support the business processes of our clients, helping them achieve their objectives.

By 2025 we will be a recognized company in Colombia for understanding and satisfying the needs of our clients through IT solutions with the latest technology.

Our Corporate Values

We are a company specialized in offering solutions to IT needs in different market sectors with transparency, honesty and excellence.


We always manage to achieve the objectives set with the contribution of the entire 10S family


We behave according to morality and good customs, showing coherence between our words and actions, assuming them with professionalism, enthusiasm and loyalty.


We devise new and different solutions to solve information technology problems required by our clients.


We fulfill the work within the agreed term without excuses and proactively. We develop products and services with a high quality standard that meets and exceeds expectations.